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St. Vincent Hospital Foundation supports patients who need mammograms and other diagnostic tests for breast cancer, which can be prohibitively expensive for low-to-moderate income people with no health insurance. Early diagnosis of breast cancer increases survival rates, but early diagnosis is difficult without these screenings.  St. Vincent Hospital Foundation created the Breast Cancer Care Fund in 2009 to provide financial assistance to anyone who would not otherwise have access to these important medical procedures.  This fund fills the gaps of existing assistance programs to ensure that uninsured people whose income is low enough that cost presents a financial barrier, and who don’t qualify for other financial-assistance screening programs, get the healthcare they need.


In 2015, thanks to the generosity of our donors, the foundation was able to support he renovation of the Cancer Patient Resources Center.


SVHF also funds an array of services for patients and families living with cancer. Some services the foundation supports through the Cancer Resource Center include the following:


  • Patient supplies, such as wigs, turbans, and scarves, as well as prosthetic devices and bras, available at the Cancer Resource Center.

  • Mammograms and other diagnostic screenings for breast cancer for uninsured individuals who lack financial resources to pay for exams.

  • Medical treatment and medication (such as pain medication) for indigent patients referred by physicians and social workers.

  • Alternative therapies including acupuncture, massage therapy, and free yoga classes to help alleviate pain and discomfort resulting from cancer and cancer treatment.

  • Treatment for lymphedema, which often occurs following breast cancer surgery. The Foundation has funded training for lymphedema therapists, clinical supplies, and patient supplies for those unable to afford them.

  • Education for clinical staff.

Special needs not paid by other community programs or insurance, as identified by a case manager.


St. Vincent Hospital Foundation assists patients identified by case managers who need medication or medical equipment but can’t afford it. Most patients served by this program are undergoing cancer treatment and need pain medication. Other needs might include medical equipment such as a walker, arms for the side of a bed, a raised toilet seat, or compression socks — basically any needs that patients have that might present a financial hardship. SVHF has also paid for hotel rooms for family members of patients in ICU, provided gas cards or meal cards, and has even paid a patient’s utility bill so their heat wouldn’t be turned off.  For the patient who needs help, St. Vincent Hospital Foundation can make an enormous difference.




The HUGS program provides intensive, individualized, case management services to high utilizers of the emergency department. This program primarily works with individuals with co-occurring behavioral health and addiction issues, and those who are disproportionately affected by the social determinants of health.



  • Patient Profile: Homeless; long-term substance use; under/undiagnosed behavioral health needs

  • Complex medical needs resulting from chronic homelessness, substance use, and trauma

  • Example: Alcohol patient with multiple traumatic brain injuries from falling while intoxicated, unable to access Social Security Disability even though they qualified for it

  • Many of our HUGS patients are previous foster children with little or no natural supports or family connections

  • Program has NO EJECT, NO REJECT and will help ANY patient who qualifies (many have been banned from other community service providers due to non-compliance and being “difficult)

  • Program provides hands on case management in the community

  • HUGS Navigators provide individualized needs assessments and referrals for long term services

  • Addressing: service coordination, medical care, behavioral support and social needs

  • This program has proven to decrease unnecessary Emergency Department visits by up to 64%


HUGS services are trauma-informed, crisis prevention, therapeutic brief interventions aimed at connecting individuals to long-term community based services.  


HUGS navigators work with patients to address the root causes of frequent, unnecessary Emergency Department use. The services that are provided are individualized and strategic to support patient success.


HUGS navigators work in collaboration with patients to connect with community resources and therapeutic services to help them access appropriate levels of care, and meet previously unaddressed needs or reach goals that have been historically unsuccessful.

Please contact Jesse Cirolia, MSW - Manager of Community Health (jesse.cirolia@stvin.org) with any questions - (505) 913-4917

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Established by St. Vincent Hospital Foundation in 2007, the Healthcare Exploration Program provides an opportunity to local high school students to experience careers in health care in a real-world setting. Through a collaboration with CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, this competitive program exposes highly-motivated local high school students interested in medicine to more than 30 hospital departments, including clinical and nonclinical settings.

During the months of June and July, students representing all county high schools are a part of the rigorous, professional environment of our hospital. The HEP offers students the opportunity to explore healthcare careers by working in an actual hospital environment under the supervision of supportive healthcare personnel. They are exposed to patient care and how departments and professions work together to perform the functions of a comprehensive medical facility. Rotations through various departments enable participants to observe practices and procedures, interact with providers, and experience what it is like to work in the healthcare field. Presentations, discussions, and hands-on activities and projects round out the program to create a dynamic, in-depth educational experience.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent and the St. Vincent Hospital Foundation believe in the potential of Santa Fe’s youth and seek to give all interested students the opportunity and support to pursue a career path that leads to excellence in a clinical or non-clinical profession. By making investments of time and resources, students who might not see the opportunity for a rewarding career in their community are exposed to numerous possibilities for caring for their loved ones, neighbors, and friends while enjoying a fulfilling and well-paying career.

The Healthcare Exploration Program is funded entirely by donations from generous supporters.

Special thanks to Newman’s Own for their ongoing support of this crucial program. -

* The next program is June 3-20, 2019... you may download the application below.  Please make sure you follow all instructions, so your application process is not delayed... Good luck! 

The deadline for submitting the completed has already passed.  Thank you!

Please contact Gina Hayes, HEP Coordinator (gina.hayes@stvin.org) with any questions - (505) 913-4995

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St. Vincent Hospital Foundation helps young people in our community through the Books for Babies and Reach Out and Read programs.  The Books for Babies program gives the family of each baby born at the hospital a high-quality baby book, a tote bag, and information on the critical importance of reading to babies every day. Books for Babies captures parents’ attention at one of the points when they are most receptive to receiving and following advice about their child’s development — just following the birth of their baby.


We are deeply grateful to Brindle Foundation for helping to create this initiative, and for their generous funding for the past five years. Books for Babies is a collaborative effort of Brindle Foundation, CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, the Santa Fe Public Library, concerned individuals, and St. Vincent Hospital Foundation.


Reach Out and Read serves over 12,000 families and children each year at Arroyo Chamiso Pediatric Clinic and Entrada Contenta Pediatric Clinic. Reach Out and Read helps prepare Santa Fe’s children for success in school by partnering with pediatricians, nurses, and other trusted medical professionals who “prescribe” books, encourage families to read together, and give quality children’s books to families.


Nurses and other clinical staff are crucial to CHRISTUS St. Vincent, St. Vincent Hospital Foundation, and our community. The foundation offers staff the opportunity for ongoing training and further education. This continuing education supports the hospital as it strives to achieve clinical excellence, and provides employee enrichment, satisfaction, and professional advancement.


At the Foundation, we are thrilled to be able to fund requests from CHRISTUS St. Vincent departments that help make our community safer and healthier. When Brenda Stewart, RN, Director of the hospital’s Trauma and Education Department, asked if the Foundation could continue to fund bicycle helmets for area youth, we were delighted to help.


For more than ten years, Trauma Department staff members have promoted bicycle safety programs and distributed helmets to children and toddlers at community events in the Santa Fe area. In addition to the helmets, staff members provide youth and families with information on bicycle safety and proper helmet fitting.


According to Stewart, “Bicycle helmets not only decrease the number of head injuries, but also the severity of injuries.” In Stewart’s experience, the free distribution program gives trauma department staff “the opportunity to interact with an entire family, extending important safety tips, and providing education children can carry into their adult years.”


Foundation support enabled Brenda to purchase 600 helmets, most of which were distributed at the Healthy Kids Fair on July 8, 2017 at the Santa Fe Convention Center. The fair was sponsored by CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center.


Thanks to Brenda and her team for their longstanding efforts to keep Santa Fe’s youngest citizens safe and healthy!

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